A place of sea change

  ‘You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop’.    Rumi                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Shifting Sands is a place for one to one integral coaching for renewal and development.  A grounded space where natural responsiveness can open into creativity; bringing the possible into life.

A person centred approach with the whole of you in mind.



You can reach me directly for an initial conversation.


One-to-one sessions in person, by telephone or on-line with Skype.
Fees on request (sliding scale)

Alternatively email at info@shiftingsandscoaching.com or call me on 07784 288744


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Images: Annie Bungeroth


Your story

We are born into a story which becomes ours and shapes us as we grow and develop. It tells us who we are and places us in the world where stories can be very powerful.

Often though, we can’t include everything in a story and parts of ourselves and our life are left out. When we bring them in, there is a depth and a richness that is palpable. We can shape our own story by how we want to be in the world.

There is work in bringing ourselves more fully into life and discovering what is genuinely true for us. Exercises and practices to develop capacity and skilfulness as well as courage, creativity and our own wisdom are central to this inquiry.


You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water’. Tagore


Shifting Sands Blog


With the whole of you in mind

At the center of your being you have the answer,  you know who you are and you know what you want’.   Lao Tzu                                                                                                                                                                                          

Integral development coaching is an approach which is person centred rather than issue focused. It works with the whole of you in mind, your emotional, somatic, cognitive, relational and spiritual intelligence.

It looks at what is most pressing in a sustainable way for long term change. Work is practical leaving you more skilful and competent to face future challenges and opportunities.

A purpose designed coaching programme provides inspiration and the structure and support for you to inquire into the possibilities in your life.


The pen that writes your life story must be held in your hand’.

                                                                                             Irene C. Kassorla




Su Ormerod

‘Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark’.                                                                                                                                                                   Tagore    


I am a certified integral development coach who works with people who want to bring more of themselves to life. The story I was born into wasn’t my own and I have spent a life time releasing myself into a more authentic narrative. A central thread has been a belief in our human freedom to become who we are.

My work supports people to be self-generating, to be curious to discover what is possible and genuine for them in the world now and make it central in their life.

I am interested in how we can create space to be open, curious, even playful to create a unique shaping of ourselves.

I value the opportunity to work with you in a meaningful way where there is  a need for transition, an imagining and reshaping in your life.

My work draws on a rich and diverse background in health, community, education, management and coaching. Also, my studies at Winchester University, Oxford Brookes University, Henley Management College and Third Space/New Ventures West.

(more biography on request)


The Well

‘But the miracle had come simply

from allowing yourself to know

that you had found it, that this time

someone walking out into the clear air

from far inside you had decided not to walk

past it any more; the miracle had come

at the roadside in the kneeling to drink

and the prayer you said, and the tears you shed

and the memory you held and the realization

that in this silence you no longer had to keep

your eyes and ears averted from the place

that could save you, that you had been given

the strength to let go of the thirsty dust laden

pilgrim-self that brought you here, walking

with her bent back, her bowed head

and her careful explanations.


No, the miracle had already happened

when you stood up, shook off the dust

and walked along the road from the well,

out of the desert toward the mountain,

as if already home again, as if you deserved

what you loved all along, as if just

remembering the taste of that clear cool

spring could lift up your face and set you free’.

David Whyte


And For No Reason

For every reason in existence
I begin to eternally,
To eternally laugh and love!
When I turn into a leaf
And start dancing,
I run to kiss our beautiful Friend
And I dissolve in the Truth
That I Am’.

Hafiz (translated by Daniel Ladinsky)





‘Su accompanied me through the first months after a challenging time in my life, with warmth, understanding and gentle challenging. Our time together has given me the first glimpses of the resources I have available in my toolbox to help me in my journey to independent life. It is a continuing journey and to know Su is there to join me if I grind to a halt, is reassuring.’     

                                                                                                                        A Creative with Indigo


‘Su is an excellent coach, both sensitive and intuitive. She helped me to switch a light on inside, at a time when I very much needed to see. I am no longer bumping blindly into mental obstacles blocking my way, they are dissolving in the light’.                           

                                                                                                                       MA Student

‘Su’s integral coaching has been immensely beneficial for helping me to discover & work through some of the mental obstacles & unhelpful habits picked up in a lifetime.

I went into the coaching with an open mind, willing to try new things and look at different ways of doing old things. It wasn’t easy at all. Didn’t know where to start. Rip it up & start again not an option. Su listened carefully & gave me time to look inside my own head & body more thoroughly. Occasionally bumping into very painful memories & realisations.

The thing is, it worked. Because Su was patient & realistic. There was no forcing. Much more about allowing. And there were times when we laughed our heads off! Su also gave me some very helpful & workable practices to help restore & recover from the sheer rigour of my own life.

I haven’t arrived anywhere yet, but for the first time in years I am stepping back onto the creative path of the painter I know myself to be. There’s a way to go, but this time it’s for the rest of my life. Words are not enough to thank Su for guiding me safely back’.

Visual Artist


‘At the start of integral coaching I wanted to understand more about myself and my relationships with others. At the time I was burdened by a major issue in my life which, after eighteen months, I didn’t think would ever be resolved.

I felt that I could trust Su to accompany me on my journey.

I had never experienced integral coaching before so it seemed like a magical mystery tour with Su gently guiding me as I explored issues and patterns, discovered things about myself and others, learned to accept myself and move forward.

Su encouraged me to explore new things which have become regular, useful practices, items which I have added to my toolkit as I now continue on my post coaching journey.

Most importantly, integral coaching helped me overcome the issue which had been weighing on my heart’.

Co-Director – Voluntary Sector