When I saw this picture, I just wanted to blow. I am sure our relationship with dandelions is of an ancient nature. And, sometimes, a little lightness goes a long way.

I decided, when I next came across a blowball, I would blow a summers breeze and caress the silver tufted fruits towards transformation.

On a day at the end of a busy week, I walked on a new path and there they were, ball after ball of seeding dandelion. It was serendipity.

I wondered, whether it was I who wanted to transform and, in a moment, we would become a force in nature.

I think we were. I blew a gusty south westerly. In that moment, I felt present in the world.

I felt elated in my power to move heaven and earth. And then, sad, the moment of freedom lost to me as the seeds swiftly disappeared.

So, I picked another and another and another. I blew myself into awareness and was gifted with exquisite uniqueness as each was carried away on a parachute of silvery-white.

As time passed, my breath moved gently into a summer breeze and saw each slender olive-brown fruit on their way in air. I felt a lightness as I wished for no more.

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash