With the whole of you in mind

At the center of your being you have the answer,  you know who you are and you know what you want’.                                                                                        Lao Tzu                                                                                                           


Shifting Sands is a grounded space where natural responsiveness can open into creativity.

Integral development coaching holds the whole of you in mind as you respond to the world and evolve purposefully to be more fulfilled in your life.

It looks at what is most pressing in a sustainable way for long term change. Work is practical leaving you more skilful and competent to face future challenges and opportunities.

A purpose designed coaching programme provides inspiration and the structure and support for you to inquire into the possibilities in your life.

Integral development coaching is an approach which is person centred rather than issue focused. It works with the whole of you in mind, your emotional, somatic, cognitive, relational and spiritual intelligence.


The coaching has helped to integrate the separate concerns of my life to a more cohesive flowing process’.                                                                        Amanda