My work

I often feel that to be human is to always be in the middle of something and yet, it is when I pause, like the sea between tides at slack water, that my work really begins.

Turning the corner of the page of the story I am in at that moment. The one I grew up in, someone else’s or the wider story of what it means to be human. Stories tell us who we are and shape what we see and what seems possible and doable.

It can be powerful to be in conversation with these stories, to find ones that truly reflect ourselves, who we are becoming, others and the world we are living in.

Integral coaching is a creative response to life that can bring in parts of ourselves that have been left out to support development and growth.

People often come into the conversation that is coaching to bring more of themselves into life, to take care of what is important, navigate life’s stages and live and work with a more deeply felt integrity.

As your coach, I will listen and work to understand and support you in your own uniquely designed programme of inquiry. It will involve observing yourself in action, pausing to reflect and stepping into new practices week on week. Developing new kinds of skilfulness and ways to engage with what’s important to you.

Our ongoing conversations are at the centre of this work and the integration of learning for ongoing self-led development and growth.

Integral coaching does involve work and a willingness to persist, to practice to change things in a lasting way. I will draw on my understanding of what it takes to do this and guide and support you with care and compassion.

Working together, my coaching clients gain an increased self-awareness which opens up new ways of seeing and opportunities for change, enduring skills enabling them to act on the possibilities more effectively in what matters to them, realising the ability to move further into life and being alive with themselves and others.

If, after a pause, integral coaching is speaking to you, please get in touch with me to begin a conversation about what is possible here.

Sessions are one-to-one and can be in person, by telephone or on-line, with fees available on request (sliding scale).

“I am grateful for trusting my decision to begin working with Su.”

                                                                                                               – Hannah B