About me

“Su is an excellent coach, both sensitive and intuitive. She helped me to switch a light on inside at a time when I needed to see.” – Elbie E, Mother & Mature Student

What I do

Shifting Sands supports people to work with hope and fear, to step more fully into self-trust to realise opportunities to move further into life and being alive.

I am a certified integral development coach who has worked for a number of years coaching individual clients.

I work with people who are seeking a happier, more fulfilled life and the opportunity to realise their unique contributions to their work, families, friends, communities and beyond.

Who I am

I am a coach, writer, mother of three grown-up sons and I have over 30 years experience working in health and the community. I currently live and work in Cornwall and the North West.

I delight in people’s uniqueness, and am committed to self-led development and the navigation of life and its stages in a meaningful and valuable way.

I am inspired, and humbled – working with people who want to step more fully into themselves, deepening their presence in the world for themselves and others.

What people say

“Su gives space to speak freely and encourages any expression of how life is feeling. I love the way her listening moves into a reflection of what lies behind the content or examples I’m giving. I feel heard and understood and importantly I’m beginning to hear and understand myself too. The work is transformative and whilst self-growth doesn’t always move in a linear plane, Su provides guidance on how to move through this journey of self- discovery with determination and creativity. We have met in person, on the phone and online, I have found Su engaging and helpful through all modalities. I come away from each session inspired and with affirmed resolve to continue working. I know that when the time is right Su and I will part ways and I will be equipped with a holistic toolkit to appreciate and steer my life. ”    – Doctor

“At the start of coaching, I wanted to understand more about myself and my relationships with others. At the time, I was burdened by a major issue in my life which I didn’t think  would ever be resolved. I felt that I could trust Su to accompany me on my journey; she gently guided me as I explored issues and patterns, discovered things about myself and others and learned to accept myself and move forward. Su encouraged me to explore new things which have become regular, useful practices which I now continue on my post coaching journey.”Co-Director, Voluntary Sector

I went into the coaching with an open mind, willing to try new things and look at different ways of doing old things. It wasn’t easy at all. I didn’t know where to start. Su listened carefully and gave me time to look inside and I did bump into very painful memories and realisations. The thing is, it worked. Su was patient and realistic, there was no forcing it was much more about allowing. And there were times we laughed our heads off! She gave me some helpful and workable practices to help restore and recover from the sheer rigour of my own life. Integral coaching has been immensely beneficial for helping me to discover and work through some of the mental obstacles and unhelpful habits picked up in a lifetime. I haven’t arrived anywhere yet, but for the first time in years I am stepping back onto the creative path of the painter I know myself to be. There’s a way to go, but this time it’s for the rest of my life. Words are not enough to thank Su for guiding me safely back’. – Suzi S, Painter

“Su accompanied me with warmth, understanding and gentle challenge in the first few months after a challenging time in my life. Our time together has given me the first glimpses of the resources I have that are available to help me in my journey to independent life. It is a continuing journey and to know Su is there to join me if I grind to a halt, is reassuring.”     – C.B, Textile Artist