We can shape our own story


We are born into a story which becomes ours and shapes us as we grow and develop.

Shifting Sands is about shaping our own story by how we want to be in the world. Shifting is a living story held together by the essential need to become and to form.

In the beginning Shifting was a word on a page. The possible made visible as the wave draws back to a naked beach. A sudden flight on the wing of birds headed out to sea. It was 2016. It felt scary. So, I put my shoes on and tucked Shifting away in a shoebox.

In the beginning Shifting found a place with a space. It stepped out of the shoebox. It was 2017.

In the beginning life came to Shifting. Shifting came to life. It was 2018. Hand after hand holding bucket and sand.

Life, a bucket and spade. The everyday connected to the day before and the one before that. A place. A space. To footprint freedom. To shape and re-shape ourselves between tides. To become. To continually become who we are.

Shifting Sands Coaching: a place of sea change. A living story.