‘Su’s integral coaching has been immensely beneficial for helping me to discover & work through some of the mental obstacles & unhelpful habits picked up in a lifetime.

I went into the coaching with an open mind, willing to try new things and look at different ways of doing old things. It wasn’t easy at all. Didn’t know where to start. Rip it up & start again not an option. Su listened carefully & gave me time to look inside my own head & body more thoroughly. Occasionally bumping into very painful memories & realisations.

The thing is, it worked. Because Su was patient & realistic. There was no forcing. Much more about allowing. And there were times when we laughed our heads off! Su also gave me some very helpful & workable practices to help restore & recover from the sheer rigour of my own life.

I haven’t arrived anywhere yet, but for the first time in years I am stepping back onto the creative path of the painter I know myself to be. There’s a way to go, but this time it’s for the rest of my life. Words are not enough to thank Su for guiding me safely back’.

Visual Artist


‘At the start of integral coaching I wanted to understand more about myself and my relationships with others. At the time I was burdened by a major issue in my life which, after eighteen months, I didn’t think would ever be resolved.

I felt that I could trust Su to accompany me on my journey.

I had never experienced integral coaching before so it seemed like a magical mystery tour with Su gently guiding me as I explored issues and patterns, discovered things about myself and others, learned to accept myself and move forward.

Su encouraged me to explore new things which have become regular, useful practices, items which I have added to my toolkit as I now continue on my post coaching journey.

Most importantly, integral coaching helped me overcome the issue which had been weighing on my heart’.

Co-Director – Voluntary Sector